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Structural Engineering Design
Our structural engineering experience includes office buildings, residential complexes, parking structures, manufacturing and processing plants, as well as recreational, educational, cultural and retail facilities. We are highly responsive to clients and contractors throughout the project, from preliminary design to the construction phase.

Structural Restoration
For the repair of damaged and deteriorated concrete, masonry, steel and timber structures, QSSE provides investigation, condition survey reports, repair and maintenance plans, preparation of contract documents and on-site inspections. We have extensive experience in the restoration of parking structures which may include localized concrete repairs, the installation or repair of expansion joints and the application of sealers and protective coatings.

Building Facade Evaluation
Qualified personnel rappel from the top of high rise buildings to assess and identify potential structural defiencies associated with the deterioration of building facades. The technique of rappelling is a cost effective and efficient method for evaluating, monitoring and reviewing repairs to curtainwall systems and building facades of brick, stone and concrete.